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Smart Lighting and Sockets | Step Into Your Smarter Home with Den

Den bring a revolutionary way to control your lights & appliances in your home. Fully automated smart lighting and sockets with physical switches.

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Den are pleased to offer the worlds first smart switches with physical light switches. We also offer premium smart sockets, hubs, remotes and more. Shop today.

Den Smart Light Switch

Ordinary on the outside. Extraordinary on the inside.

Den Smart Remote

A magic wand for your home

Den Smart Hub

The brains of the operation

Den Smart Socket Outlet

The smartest sockets in the room

Den Smart Home Starter Kit

Everything you’ll need to get familiar with the Den System

Den Smart Motion Sensor

Always happy to see you

Find Out What Our Smart Products are and How They Work | Den

Smart but simple home automation products. Click here to find out more information on our smart switches and smart sockets, and how to use them day-to-day.

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Looking to cancel an order of our smart home sockets, hub, remote, dimmer or switches? You can do so by visiting our cancellation page here.

Introducing the New Den

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